Facebook Ads Strategy, Warrington Cheshire

Do you want to use Facebook advertising to attract more leads, or sell more products?

Would you like to start connecting with the exact people who love what you do and take them on the next step of your sales journey?

Would you rather spend your valuable time speaking to people you already know are considering your products or services and convert them into paying clients?!

With my support we will build ads that attract, engage and lead prospects to take action.

Facebook Ads Power Audit – £99

Have you already spent time running Facebook ad campaigns, but they don’t seem to be getting any results? Or have you previously used someone to run ads, but not understood what they were doing and what results they got you?

In this power hour I will:

  • Undertake a Zoom call with you to discuss what hasn’t worked and what you have been trying to achieve.
  • Gain access to your ad account as an Analyst (you must provide access) and I will analyse it to see if I can see why your ads aren’t getting results.
  • Send a written report with my findings and suggestions of what you could do to improve your results.

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Facebook Ads Strategy and Management Package – from £1495 per month

Are you ready to invest in your business growth? Do you have the budget to invest in marketing if you will get a return on your investment?

Facebook ads can be a powerful way to reach new audiences with your product or service. They can be used to find a new audience, sell more of your products and harness leads for your business.

Common problems that I hear from new clients are that they don’t understand how to use Facebook ads to find the right people. Or that they haven’t had control of their ads in the past when an agency has been managing them and they don’t understand why they didn’t get the results they were looking for. Or they are constantly boosting posts, but don’t get any results, haven’t a clue why, or what happens with they boost those posts!

But they know that there is so much potential, if only they knew how to use it.

  • I will work with you to design a bespoke campaign for your business needs.
  • We will work together to establish your ideal client, your target market and the ad spend YOU want to invest.
  • I will write and design all ad content, then send to you for approval before going live.
  • I will report weekly on the ad performance and what I would suggest to make them more successful.
  • I will send an in depth monthly report with more data on how the ads have performed if you wish to have it, plus suggestions for how to change and optimise them further.

To start the process, I will need to do a full pre-proposal audit of your website and ad account to date and report back on any work that I feel would be required to be completed before we could commence with advertising to ensure success.

If you want additional support such as a lead magnet, blogs, email sequences for new leads, or social media content, I’m happy to discuss a package with these included too.

Contact me to discuss my Facebook Ads Management package in more detail.

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