Facebook Ads Strategy, Warrington Cheshire

Do you want to attract a list of leads who are interested in what you do?

Would you like to start connecting with the exact people who love what you do and take them on the next step of your sales journey?

Would you rather spend your valuable time speaking to people you already know are considering your products or services and convert them into paying clients?!

With my support we will build ads that attract, engage and lead prospects to buy your products and services.

Facebook Ads Power Hour Audit

Have you already spent time running Facebook ad campaigns, but don’t seem to be getting any results? Why not let me take a look and see why that is.

  • 1 x 30 minute Zoom Call to discuss what isn’t working and what you have been trying to achieve.
  • I will analyse your ad account to see why your ads aren’t getting results (you must allow me access to your account).
  • I will then send a written report with my suggestions of what you could do to improve your results.


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Ongoing Facebook Ads Strategy and Management

Build an audience full of your ideal clients off social media and be in control of your communication.

We all know we shouldn’t rely on social media platforms. What would happen if you lost your business page and all your contacts? It happens. Don’t forget the dreaded algorithms damaging our reach. Business pages are suffering more than ever.

A potential customer needs 6 – 8 touches before they are ready to buy. Gathering and nurturing your leads via email helps keep you front of mind, so that when their pain becomes so acute that they really need your help, you are there in front of them with the perfect solution – your product or service!

Why waste time or money on people who aren’t interested?

Common problems I hear from my clients are that they don’t understand targeting properly, they haven’t had control of ads in the past when an agency has been managing them and don’t understand why they didn’t get the results they were looking for. Or perhaps they are constantly boosting posts, but haven’t a clue why, or for what purpose!

Do you want your business to Be Everywhere?

I will work with you to design a bespoke campaign for your business needs and included in the package is all the relevant admin support required to ensure that the ads are optimised for success.

We will work together to establish your ideal client, your target market and the ad spend YOU want to invest. You will always be in control of any decisions and I will report back weekly with how they are going and what I would suggest to make them more successful.

If you don’t have a lead magnet in place, we can design and build one of these too and set everything up to attract and nurture new prospects into your email system.

If you want more support such as blogs, email sequences or social media, I’m happy to bolt these on too.

You really can BE EVERYWHERE so that your prospective clients and customers can’t fail to take the next step with you.

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