Copywriting in Warrington Cheshire

I offer copywriting packages to help your business stand out, show your true personality and encourage customers / clients to take action.

Customer Testimonial Stories

You’ve heard that stories sell, right?

And you know that testimonials form part of social proof to help convince your prospective customer that you really do provide what’s on the tin?!

Well, if you add these two together, you have a very powerful customer testimonial indeed that can be used across lots of different marketing strands.

With this package, I will contact past or current clients/customers of your choice and interview them about their experiences and results that they have had with you. Using Zoom, I will record the interviews, but also at the time touch type the story as we go along. This means that I capture the exact golden nuggets as they are said – often overlooked through normal testimonial writing.

Through the results of the interview, I will create a powerful testimonial story that gives real tangible proof of how you help people. Not only is this more convincing, but through their own words, it is much more interesting than a simple blockquote about how fabulous you are.

After all, the proof is in the pudding.

  • 1 story = £99
  • 4 stories = £349 and delivered within a month of booking (customer’s availability allowing!)
  • 8 stories = £689 (or £345 over two monthly payments) and delivered within 2 months of booking – 4 per month (customer’s availability allowing!)
  • *VIP PACKAGE* 10 stories = £799 (or £400 over two monthly payments) and delivered within 2 months of booking – 5 per month (customer’s availability allowing!) PLUS copies of all the Zoom call recordings for you to analyse (grab the “golden nuggets” out of them) and use any other useful information that you can find from the interviews for future marketing purposes.
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Website Copy Refresh – £495

Not happy with how your website sounds anymore? Did someone else write the copy but you’ve never felt it truly sounded like you, or was talking to the potential clients you are looking to attract. When you send them through from social media are you always slightly twitchy about if it’s going to all flow and sound aligned?

With this package I conduct a full website audit, presenting you with a report of what I would change to increase a better user experience. We would then have an in depth 1:1 (via phone or zoom) to give me a greater understanding of not only your business, but also YOU.

With my skills as an audio typist (from the past) I write exactly what you say when we are talking, which gives me a very personal result and full of golden nuggets that you never know how to word when you are looking for them!

Together with my copywriting skills, I then use this as a base for editing your current website copy and VOILA! Your own passions are shining through.

The maximum number of pages written in this package is 5. Should you require more, please get in contact for a revised quote.

I also offer a blog refresh add-on if you’re blogs need an edit, tidying up, or making SEO friendly. Please mention this at the time of the enquiry.

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Website Copy Done for You – £999

Do you have a website, but want new copy from scratch? Or are you building a website and need some copy written for the developers to add in?

With this done for you package, I would start by conducting a thorough consultation interview to discuss the plans for your website, including pages. I would also interview you about your services and packages. The results of this would form the basis of the copy to truly reflect your own passions translated into words.

Included in the package is a competitor analysis exercise and Ideal Client Profile design to ensure we are talking to the audience you are aiming to attract.

All copy would be written for SEO purposes. Once finished, I would send to you for review and complete any revisions as necessary.

The maximum number of pages written in this package is 5. Should you require more, please get in contact for a revised quote.

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Landing Page / Sales Page Copy – £200 per page

Having a landing page for your product, service or freebie is as important as the advertising that brings your potential customers to it. WIthout persuasive copy, your customers are likely to leave without realising the true benefits your product or service will bring them. Working with you, I will write you a landing page that will guide your leads to take action, whatever that action is that you want them to take!

This package includes 1:1 consultations, research of your product/service/business, all correspondence.

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Other copywriting services

Blog articles for your website to position yourself as the expert you are – weekly, monthly or for the whole year!

Email Marketing: Regular monthly and weekly emails, 7 Day Launch Sequences for new products or services, 7 Day Welcome Series to new leads.