Don’t just believe what I say – here are some of my happy client’s testimonials…


Helen Pritchard Testimonial about Alex Platt

Lighthouses Therapy ServicesBefore working with Alex, I feared she wouldn’t be able to write in ‘my language’ and wouldn’t be reliable. As it turned out Alex has a knack of writing just as I would write and finding the correct info and data I need. She is very reliable and efficient which takes a strain off me enabling to focus on different aspects of the business. My favourite part of her support is that she doesn’t need much of my help and just gets on with the job at hand. I would say yes, use her if you need support with writing, blogging, FB ads etc. She is professional, friendly and helpful.  She does what she says she will do and will discuss things with you beforehand if you require.  I completely trust that she is supporting my business in the background which takes lots of the strain off from running my own business.
Nadine Baynes, Lighthouses Therapy Services


Suzanne leech, Women in Business Networking

Alex provides administrative and social media support for both my Wilmslow and Knutsford WIBN groups. Tasks she covers include liaising with visitors and venues, liaising with members before and after meetings, preparing meeting day paperwork and contributing to the management of the WIBN Manchester and Cheshire Facebook page. In addition, Alex has provided a very valuable social media training session for both groups and has worked with individual members to provide support and training on social media support and website content.

I value Alex’s support greatly and find her to be an excellent source of practical advice on matters concerning the running of the groups. Alex’s professionalism, marketing experience and organizational skills have made her into a valued group member and I would not hesitate to recommend Swift VA’s services to any company aiming to grow and develop its business.
Suzanne Leech, Women in Business Networking (WIBN), Manchester & Cheshire East


Booker Flowers and Gifts, Wedding specialist florists, LiverpoolBefore we worked together, I was concerned that you wouldn’t do things the way I wanted or that you would be slow! Actually what I have found is that you are proactive in looking for new marketing opportunities rather than waiting to be told what to do, quick, efficient, not stupid and nice person to boot!!
Gemma Wakerley, Booker Flowers and Gifts


Before I hired Alex I had used a couJo Howarthple of other people to help me with my social media strategy and posting etc. My biggest fear was that she would be as half-hearted in her work as they had been, particularly because she cost more. What I found was that she is incredibly organised and efficient, when she says she will do something then it gets done. She also adds value to my content, she does her research and everything that is published is completely in line with me and my business. Well worth the extra money. I have peace of mind. I can continue on with the bits of my work that I completely enjoy knowing that stuff that needs to get done is being done behind the scenes, it takes a huge weight off my mind. Alex is amazing. I couldn’t run my business effectively without her. She keeps the important stuff going whilst helping me work on new ideas, projects and strategies for my business. Easily the best money I spend every month.
Jo Howarth, The Happiness Club


linleysBefore hiring you I was worried I wasn’t having the time to connect with my customers via my Facebook page, not being able to post regularly enough and not posting the right type of posts. You have helped me to understand what I need to be doing, and by scheduling posts a week at a time it’s a huge help. The best bit of your support is the kick up the backside to be organised. I run my business alone and with many aspects to keep up with, organisation is a must and I feel you have given me some skills to become better organised. I would recommend you to anyone who isn’t sure about how to connect with customers online or just doesn’t have time. I didn’t have to worry about anything and you have made my Facebook page much more interesting, but also given me the help to take it back over myself now, thank you.
Laura Linley, Linley’s Bakes and Cakes


angelita woosnamI wasn’t sure that Alex would “get” what we do as we are a group of alternative practitioners and what we do isn’t like some of the other businesses she may work with. But she did get what we do and the material that she sourced for the Facebook page was great. We now have a Facebook page and a Twitter account to build on and use with followers and everything! My favourite part of her support was the way that she just got on with it. After asking some preliminary questions about what we do, who we follow, members of the group etc. it all happened. Alex knows her stuff. She is methodical, consistent and delivers. I would definitely recommend working with her or at least having a chat about what she could do for you.
Angelita Woosnam, The Wellbeing Lady


Suzie Repova - Zuni Autism TestimonialI was a little worried beforehand.  I thought Alex would say my website was rubbish and was going to cost me lots to fix! Instead she praised me and just changed some bits and bobs, editing it and making it clearer to read. This was fantastic because I am not good at that part and had reached the end of my tether with it all! I would definitely recommend Alex and I would say that the whole process from start to end was easy going, plus she had good ideas and tips for me to implement.
Suzie Repova, Zuni Autism


I worked very closely with Alex for a period of 4 years when I was an Associate Director for the NHS and I found Alex was an exceptional Executive Assistant. She is extremely well organised, very skilled at forward planning and has an innate ability to anticipate your requirements.  Alex works to very high professional standards and ensures that the accuracy and quality of her own work is high.  Above all Alex has a reputation for delivery; she works very hard, is flexible, manages her time well and consistently meets deadlines. I found her support absolutely invaluable and would not hesitate to recommend her.  Alex would be an asset to your organisation without doubt.
Deborah Bywater, Director of Client Services & Transformation, North West Commissioning Support Unit


Alex Platt is one of the most efficient and effective Executive Assistants I have ever worked with. Her attention to detail meant she was very well-respected within the work environment.  She has excellent communications skills and has shown the ability to thrive in the most challenging of environments.
Rachel Dunscombe, CIO at Royal Bolton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Alexandra is completely trustworthy, efficient and able to handle pressure.  She is able to quickly understand the role of whoever she is supporting and can very quickly handle the day-to-day minutia that is the bane of every executive’s life. I would have no hesitation is employing Alex and in recommending her to anyone who needs some organisation in their working life.
Tony Schaffel, Head of IM&T at LaSCA NHS Agency