Choose from a selection of content marketing packages designed to help your business be more visible online without the stress of creating all the content.

If you’re not sure where to get started, take a look at the BE INSPIRED CALL below, which might be a great first step for you.



Best for if you want to write your own content, but just don’t know where to start.

We will brainstorm together all the different topics and content that you can use in your business
to help you increase your visibility online.


  • 1 hour content consultation
  • 1 Plan of action
  • Recording of the call for future use.



We will work together for an hour to develop an overarching content strategy for your business with ideas that you can use to inspire your blog, social media or email marketing.


You will leave the call with a completed plan of action filled out on the call, so that you have something written to guide you forwards.


You will be sent a recording of our call to play back when you like, just in case it was so much information that you need another listen!

* If you go decide to join me on one of my other packages, I will refund the cost of this consultation from your first month’s invoice.

or, Choose your perfect monthly plan



Perfect if you’re doing some online marketing already but finding it impossible to fit everything in.

This package will make sure your key marketing is delivered every single month without fail.

  • 1 Blog
  • 1 Vlog
  • 1 Monthly email to your list
  • Daily content on 1 social media platform of your choice
  • 1 hour monthly consultation



Ideal if you’re doing online marketing but need to step up your game and increase your marketing content.

This package will help you to show up in more places to reach your ideal clients and show them how you’re exactly the expert that they are looking for.

  • 1 Blog
  • 1 Vlog
  • 2 Fortnightly emails to your list
  • Daily content on 2 social media platforms of your choice
  • 1 Customer testimonial story
  • 1 hour monthly consultation



The game-changer. This package is going to blow your competition out of the water.

Consistent content across all platforms, this package will nurture your ideal audience, ensure that they are getting those touches wherever they are hanging out and make sure you are at the forefront of their minds – all the time!

  • 2 Blogs
  • 2 Vlogs
  • Weekly emails to your list
  • Daily content on 3 social media platforms of your choice
  • 1 Customer testimonial story
  • 1 hour monthly consultation



These will be written for you each month. We will create a blog content plan to start so that we can tailor them towards your business goals. They will be professionally edited and uploaded to your website with an image and SEO features.


Each month we will plan the content aligned with your business goals for the month. I will design a branded template and write the email for you to approve, which will then be sent to your list. I will also resend the email to non-openers to ensure you get as many eyes on it as possible.


This powerful testimonial is perfect for showing your ideal clients exactly how you can help them. I will interview a happy customer to get details of the journey they had with you. I will then professionally edit this interview into a blog post that we can use across your marketing, to show social proof and help prospective customers imagine exactly how they can work with you too.

VLOGS (video blogs)

Alongside the blog content plan, we will plan vlogs that will compliment your content and introduce your audience to who you personally are. You will film the vlog and I will then edit, add subtitles and branding if required and upload to YouTube, social media and to your website as another blog.


After our initial social media research and planning, we will write and create daily content that aligns to your brand for the social media platform of your choice (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Twitter). All content will be scheduled in advance. If you require Pinterest, there is an additional charge for scheduling software.

monthly consultation

Each month, we will catch up on Zoom, to discuss how the previous month has gone, the plans for the next month and any other goals that you might want to focus your marketing on. This way we will always be working to develop your strategy alongside your business.

Our clients HAVE SAID

"Before working with Alex, I feared she wouldn’t be able to write in ‘my language’ and wouldn’t be reliable. As it turned out Alex has a knack of writing just as I would write and finding the correct info and data I need. She is very reliable and efficient which takes a strain off me, enabling to focus on different aspects of the business. My favourite part of her support was that she doesn’t need much of my help and just got on with the job at hand. I would recommend her if you need support with writing, blogging or FB ads. She is professional, friendly and helpful. She does what she says she will do and will discuss things with you beforehand if you require. I completely trusted that she was supporting my business in the background which took a lot of the strain off from running my own business."
Lighthouses Therapy Services
Lighthouses Therapy Services
"Before I hired Alex I had used a couple of other people to help me with my social media strategy and posting etc. My biggest fear was that she would be as half-hearted in her work as they had been, particularly because she cost more. What I found was that she is incredibly organised and efficient, when she said she would do something then it gets done. She also added value to my content through research. Everything that was published was completely in line with me and my business. Well worth the extra money. She kept the important stuff going whilst helping me work on new ideas, projects and strategies for my business. Easily the best money I spent every month."
Jo Howarth, The Happiness Club
The Happiness Club