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3 Smart Strategies to Stop the Overwhelm

3 Strategies to Stop the Overwhelm

Why did you start your own business? Was it to escape the rat race & perhaps to spend more time at home with your family? The reality of working for yourself is that you find you are spending more time working than ever. Plus you are the decision maker. Nothing happens unless you plan it […] Read more…

5 Fab Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

5 Fab Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant_Swift Virtual Assistant, Warrington Cheshire

The Virtual Assistant (VA) is becoming more common at networking meetings across the UK.  But, often when I stand up to do my pitch, I see either a blank look or a nod of the head when I say the term Virtual Assistant. This sometimes leads to the following questions over my cup of tea: […] Read more…

Who is Swift Virtual Assistant?

Who Is Swift Virtual Assistant

Photo taken by Andrew Collier Photograpy, 2015 So, Who Is Swift Virtual Assistant? My name is Alex Platt and I am the founder and owner of Swift Virtual Assistant. I live with my husband and two young sons in Warrington, Cheshire, but I grew up in Southampton. I am an experienced and passionate Executive Assistant. I thrive […] Read more…