10 Social Media Blogs to Boost Your Business

I thought I would share my recommendations for the best social media blogs to boost your business.

I have all these in my RSS Reader Feedly – so that I can keep up to date with them. They cover a variety of Social Media tools and tips – see if there are any that you could add too. I’ve shared with you a snippet of their own bios, after all they can describe themselves the best!

  1. Amy Porterfield – Amy “creates dead-simple educational tools that will get you more traffic, more leads and more sales—for less stress and zero drama.” Her aim is to give you Social Media help so you will get results for your business. Her Facebook marketing blogs are definitely ones to save.
  2. Kim Garst – Boom Social focuses “exclusively on making social selling simple and affordable.” Kim has a lot of useful blogs on her website and she also does some great Periscopes too with tonnes of tips in. She covers all the platforms and has some amazing freebies!
  3. Mari Smith – Mari describes herself on her blog as “Social Media Thought Leader, Top Facebook Marketing Expert” and she doesn’t disappoint. If you want to know how to use Facebook to market your business, then Mari is the person to follow. Even Facebook has hired her to lead educational events!
  4. Social Media Examiner – “Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle” – this is where I go if I want to research how to use something and their advice on the best way to do it. I use the search function on their blog all the time to look up something specific that I need help with, rather than just googling it!
  5. Hootsuite Social Blog – gives you strategy, advice and tips. I find they are always up there at the top of my searches and they feature a lot in my Pocket list to read later! They write about all aspects of social media and all the platforms as well as up and coming trends we need to hear about.
  6. PostPlanner – Postplanner have great freebies and their blogs give brilliant advice on how to get better results from your marketing. Top Tips on all platforms. Also a scheduling platform for Facebook and Twitter where you can also search for amazing trending content from across the web too (one of my favourites for content).
  7. Top Dog Social Media – Melonie Dodaro writes a lot about LinkedIn which I know a lot of people find confusing. She focuses on what is happening currently in social media and educates us on trends to watch out for.
  8. Mashable – Social Media – Mashable gives us What’s New, What’s Rising and What’s Hot in Social Media. Simple and effective news.
  9. Search Engine Journal – describe their blog as “Innovations and critiques of both social platforms and social strategy from our expert guest contributors.”. I share a lot of their stuff on Twitter. They have a lot of brilliant business strategy posts that are simple to understand and you can apply immediately.
  10. Jenn’s Trends – An expert in Instagram and Social Media Marketing, Jenn is my most recent addition to read. Her tips aim to help you manage your social media platforms and she loves Instagram! Some great articles on here to get started with!

So, those are my personal favourites! A wide spectrum of how-to guides, strategy advice and trend watching.

Do you have any more to add? Comment below and let me know some of your recommendations so that I can add them to my list! Please share this post with anyone you think could benefit from some expert reading too to boost their business 🙂

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