Are you looking for help to connect with your ideal audience, or reach them more effectively through Facebook advertising?

Are you a creative business owner, but struggle to get your thoughts out of your head and down onto paper?

Do you find it really easy to talk to people about what you do?

 But when it comes to writing those words down, they don’t seem to come out as well as you’d like?! 

That's where I come in...

I excel in hearing your passions about your business and translating them into communication that grab your customers and make them listen.

I offer packages to support you with your content marketing, including blogging, email marketing, social media management. and Facebook advertising. 

I look at your business holistically, to ensure that I can deliver effective results for you and also help you to streamline your customer’s journey towards sales.

I want to work WITH you, not FOR you, to help you succeed in achieving the goals for your business.

I’m a creative at heart, but I have a career built from organisation, processes and knowledge of these specialist skills.

Why work with me?

⇒  I’m a trained Copywriter, so I know my benefits from my features. 
⇒  I’m adept at listening and can zoom in on that golden nugget out of all your conversation.
⇒  I’m a people person and creatively-minded, but I love digging into a spreadsheet and analysing the real results – a unique mix!
⇒  I’m a great teacher, which means I can adapt my communication style to suit you and your target market. 
⇒  I love learning too and I find it easy to translate to others what I find out – great for research and writing blogs.
⇒ I want to HELP you to grow your business, whether that is through connecting with your audience, showing your true expert colours, or simply making you more money, I’m ready to jump on board.